ForestWISE, as a Collaborative Laboratory that mobilizes applied research and the co-creation and transfer of knowledge in the area of integrated forest and fire management, aims to contribute to the great challenge caused by COVID-19 through the initiative “The forest and fire in times of pandemic”.

Following the repository creation, carrying links to relevant technical and scientific articles and publications on various aspects related to forest and fire in COVID-19 context, ForestWISE established this Virtual Forum intending to collect and share the opinions of experts on the following topics:

  1. How will the forest and fire sectors come out of these pandemic times?
  2. What will change in these sectors due to the pandemic?

The initiative aimed to the scientific, business and institutional community, and was open to all interested parties. Participation was free of charge with prior registration. Participants were invited to share their thoughts with the panel of experts (until July 6).

Forum access:

July 7th of 2020, Tuesday

14h30 – 17h30

Experts panel

Cláudio Heitor, CONFAGRI
João Gaspar, REN
João Gonçalves, Centro PINUS
José Ferreira, ENB
José Manuel Duarte da Costa, ANEPC
Luís Braga da Cruz, Forestis
Nuno Banza, ICNF
Nuno Neto, The Navigator Company
Paulo Fernandes, C.M. Fundão
Pedro Santos, CONSULAI
Rui Clero, GNR
Tiago Oliveira, AGIF

Reflections addressed to the Panel
Knowledge Base


Opening (14h30): José Manuel Mendonça, Chairman of the ForestWISE Board of Directors
João Paulo Catarino, Secretary of State for Nature Conservation, Forests and  Territorial Management
Panel (experts): First round (14h45)
Second round (16h00)

Moderator: Abílio Pereira Pacheco, Senior Researcher at ForestWISE
Closing (17h25): Carlos Fonseca, CTO do ForestWISE

Organization model

  • Each expert on the panel, consisting only of practitioners, had 10 minutes to reflect on the two proposed questions, in two rounds of listening, 5 minutes each;
  • A set of personalities, covering a wide spectrum of knowledge, was invited to attend, being also invited to write a free comment (2 to 5 pages) on the addressed issues;
  • These comments, together with the summary of the event (prepared by ForestWISE) and any other texts written by practitioners, will be collected in a publication in the form of a “book”.