ForestWISE will leverage existing knowledge in research centres, fostering its application in solving concrete, current and emerging business problems and addressing major societal challenges. It will work in partnership with national and international reference partners and networks, thus ensuring the adoption of best practices and positioning the research results in high TRLs, with a great focus on the transfer of knowledge and technology.

The CoLAB will be the necessary instrument to converge and articulate knowledge and capabilities already installed in the Portuguese research units and scientific institutions and the current relations with similar international organizations. It will have a mobilizing role in the technical qualification of human resources, in the integration of good practices, being oriented to the solution of concrete problems, and to the diffusion of knowledge, enhancing the mobilization of citizens.

The CTI reports have emphasized the need to promote scientific research and innovation by integrating emerging scientific developments and the adaptation and integration of internationally identified best practices, particularly in the areas of meteorology, silviculture and forestry, and forest fire management, including forecasting the fire behaviour. The ForestWISE perspective is to promote an active scientific culture in the various dimensions of forest planning, management and valorization of the forest (market and non-market) goods and services, focused also on the prevention and suppression of rural fires.