The emphasis is on scientific research oriented for generating knowledge relevant to the concrete problems of the country and the CoLAB R&D&I activities are being designed to encourage and strengthen scientific and technical competencies and capacities, to ensure the appropriation and incorporation of scientific knowledge in decision support at the strategic and operational levels, and to facilitate the production of new knowledge oriented to the solution of concrete problems.

These activities will be developed in a multidisciplinary perspective and within an international context provided by ongoing projects and partnerships of the CoLAB’s associates with experts and institutions of recognized merit and will be supervised by an International Advisory Board of experts of recognized scientific value, including experts with experience in technology transfer.

The Innovation initiatives will be coordinated with AIFF, I.P. Group, ICNF, ANPC, GNR, and other civil protection agents, forest producer organizations, agricultural organizations, and relevant forestry companies. While research initiatives will be fostered by academic and scientific institutions, including state laboratories, and institutions of scientific culture (e.g., the National Network of Science Living Centres).