The plan of activities for 2019 is approved and being implemented. Namely, the installation of the CoLAB in Vila Real (infrastructure and logistic issues), the recruitment and hiring of the management team and of the highly qualified human resources, the final definition and prioritization of the R&D&I lines, in an incubation process leaded by the Administration Board.

The final definition and prioritization of the R&D&I agenda, including the identification of concrete problems and needs and related projects, was achieved in participative workshops with a strong presence of stakeholders and with the help of surveys. This large spectrum of sixteen external stakeholders includes namely, public bodies and organizations (ANPC, ICNF, GNR, and Infraestruturas de Portugal), forest owners and sectoral associations (AIFF, APEB, BALADI, Centro PINUS, Forestis, Montis, and UNAC), regional and intermunicipal non-profit organizations (ADRITEM, CIM Alto Minho, and CIM Região de Coimbra), and professional firefighters and firefighters’ training organisations (AFOCELCA, GIPS-GNR, and Escola Nacional de Bombeiros).

The incubation process includes also the project management of the first ForestWISE projects commissioned by the first client of ForestWISE, which are being carried out with the help of the CoLAB associates, in a transitional stage, until the recruitment of CoLAB staff begins.