A fundamental principle ruling ForestWISE strategical options and operational decisions is that all the developed R&D&I activities will be “demand-driven”, i.e., the expected outcomes of such activities and the problems in which the CoLAB will focus, must result from concrete problems of concrete clients both private and/or public.

Thus, the CoLAB will focus on projects with higher TRL level, streamlining projects and the related services that ensure ForestWISE sustainability in the medium and long term.

Indeed, on the revenue side, the CoLAB will seek to achieve at the steady state, a balanced funding portfolio, as featured by foreign reference institutions, and also some Portuguese, with equivalent proportions of public base funding, services provided for associates and other entities, and research projects funded in national and international competitive programs.

The “demand-driven” principle applied to the use of the advanced qualifications of the CoLAB’s human resources in projects oriented to the resolution of concrete problems of actual clients, will support the achievement of the goal of a balanced funding portfolio at the steady state (1/3 of base funding, plus 1/3 in competitive programs, and 1/3 in projects and services directly sold to businesses clients), thus, assuring the continuity of CoLAB’s operations after the first three years of funding.

Furthermore, to foster the appropriation of the scientific results throughout advanced training of human resources and scientific employment, in close coordination with the relevant public and private, and social and economic actors, ForestWISE will allow the creation, establishment and development in Portugal of the necessary specialized skills to create qualified employment, and to implement internationally recognized good practices in the areas of sustainable forest management and planning including the prevention and suppression of forest (and rural) fires.