1st Workshop Innovative Systems to Support Team Management in Rural Fires

One of the activities proposed by FIRE-RES intends to improve the firefighters’ monitoring system developed by INESC TEC, considering an upgrade of the devices that monitor physiological and environmental data and tank vehicles (environmental data) in real time, in a digital support interface that analyses the fire line (ForestWISE).

In order to achieve these goals, ForestWISE, in collaboration with INESC TEC held on 6 December the first Workshop on “Innovative Systems to Support Team Management in Rural Fires”.

Hosted by CIM Tâmega e Sousa (Penafiel), the workshop presented the specificities of WP5 (advanced technologies, equipment and decision support systems), regarding the innovation action to “Quantify the impacts of exposure to atmospheric polluents of rural fires, in order to improve fire suppression and management of its impact”.

In order to demonstrate and/or validate this innovation action in the demonstration areas of the Portuguese Living Lab and, with the purpose of validate the involvement of voluntary test teams, INESC TEC held a demonstration session focused on the equipment and sensors component.

The workshop was attended by 20 people responsible for forest fire teams and local fire commands, as well as the ICNF and ANEPC, whose involvement was essential to boost the co-creation activities for the “Future Firefighter”, a concept that assumes the improvement of the monitoring of teams’ physiological conditions and the environment and the vehicles monitoring for a more effective, safe and optimized combat in the field decision support.