5.6 million project brings together 20 entities with products to reduce the fire risk, Dinheiro Vivo

rePLANT presented the results of the work developed over three years by 20 entities to enhance the forest, highlighting the use of new “intelligent” forestry equipment, robotics in forest cleaning operations, new smartphone applications, forest monitoring using optical cameras, and new digital sensors and processes for communicating data in forestry machines.

The presentation in Lisbon also highlighted four trials of different species and provenances of pine trees, several installed trials, nine technical manuals for improving forest management, two decision support systems in fire management, three new equipment, eight tested technologies and ten pilot tests, with field demonstrations on topics such as genetic improvement, fire protection and ignition detection and fire monitoring, new ways to deploy forestry, digitalizing the value chain, and making production estimating accessible.

This project led by CoLAB ForestWISE and The Navigator Company was structured into three major areas of action: Forest and Fire Management, Risk Management and Circular Economy and Value Chains.

For Carlos Fonseca, CTO of CoLAB ForestWISE, “rePLANT is the first major project of CoLAB ForestWISE, and it is also the first collaborative large scale project for our forest. We are very proud to see that the strong involvement and commitment of the various business and academic partners in this mobilizing project has enabled the development of products and results that are aligned with the main needs of the forest and fire domains in Portugal.

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