Forest and fire in times of pandemic: a ForestWISE collection soon also online

The main challenges faced by the forest, mitigated or intensified by Covid-19, were the starting point for the book “The forest and fire in pandemic times”. The work, which brings together texts by more than 50 forestry sector experts, was published by ForerstWISE in a limited paper edition. It will soon also be available on the digital channels of this Collaborative Laboratory.

How will the forest and fire-related sectors emerge from the pandemic times? And what will change in these sectors due to Covid-19? These were two questions that ForestWISE asked to 62 personalities, from 54 institutions, following a webinar that promoted in mid-2020, in a period when the pandemic situation was becoming more severe in Portugal and in the world.

The responses, although aimed at the specific context of the public health emergency, allow reflection on the main challenges of the sector, as well as on the strategies that seek to bring greater resilience and sustainability to the Portuguese forest and the communities that live with it directly. The vision and relationship of people (society in general) towards natural and forest ecosystems is also addressed.

The contributions received were brought together in a limited printed edition, launched by CLAB ForestWISE: the book “The forest and fire in pandemic times”, which brings together, in its 376 pages, 54 reflections, reflecting the complexity of the challenges faced by the forest – some mitigated, others exacerbated by the pandemic, by the uncertainty it brought to society and by the restrictions on movement then in force.

The need to think and act on these ecosystems in an integrated manner, reconciling environmental, social and economic needs and dimensions, in accordance with the principle of sustainability, is another of the ideas expressed in this book, which was made known at a public event in Porto in December 2022, and which will soon be available on ForestWISE’s digital channels.

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