Mayor of Penacova: “Without the help of central power” becomes difficult to manage Fuelbrakes Management to prevent and minimize the impact of rural fires”, Green Savers

The need to change the criteria of the fuelbrake management, in order to prevent and minimize the impact of rural fires, is necessary and implies costs, but in towns with few financial resources, “it is not only up to the town councils to finance”, said Álvaro Coimbra, Mayor of Penacova, in the “Re-Thinking the fuelbrake management” event, promoted by Quercus, which took place today in the Penacova municipal auditorium, in partnership with the respective municipality.

In the opening session, the mayor said that “it was relevant that the State made funds available for this. The local authorities are the first to want to do something, but without the help of the central power, the task becomes difficult, if not impossible”.
At the round table, Carlos Fonseca, CoLAB ForestWISE’CTO, explained that the laboratory “is focused on forests and fire, integrates private entities, 6 universities and 3 public entities and “it is with this structure that we act not so much at the level of knowledge, but above all, in the transfer of knowledge to society and to the sector, and we work essentially here and very much in accordance with public policies, but also at the level of the influence that they may have on these criteria”.

In this context, he highlighted two projects that they are developing with associates: one to “cross ecological but also economic variables in order to identify various species” and another, through REN and Navigator, where they will, “in a certain area, redefine the network, eventually increase these strips, work on mosaics to establish a pilot demonstration area, which will give us clues to replicate in other areas”.

Green Savers

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