CoLAB ForestWISE and E-REDES promote public session about Compatible Occupation in Fuel Management Strip sections

CoLAB ForestWISE has developed a partnership with its associate E-REDES which consisted in creating a platform that aims to be a decision-making support tool for implementing areas considered to be Compatible Occupation in Fuel Management Strips.

The result of an analysis of the information available on this subject and consultation with various experts from universities and polytechnics in our country, this platform was developed based on the legislation (Decree-Law 82/2021, of 13 October 2021), which provides that fuel removal in management bands and strategic mosaic areas can be replaced by a compatible type of occupation, “provided that it is compatible with the objective of fuel management, reducing its availability for the fire’s ignition and progression, and generating value for owners or communities”.

Any public or private organisation with an interest in the management of the secondary fuel management strip network or mosaics can consult this information free of charge via this link.

To this purpose, we invite all who are interested to take part in a public online session on 7 June at 2.30pm, in which we will give a brief presentation of the platform and the methodologies involved. To register, please use the form below.

Participation in the workshop is free, but requires registration