CoLAB ForestWISE publicly presents the RN21 integrated project that brings together the main players in the resin sector in Portugal, Agroportal

Contributing to the enhancement and resilience of the forest, the bioeconomy, carbon neutrality, territorial cohesion, modernization and more sustainable natural resin production are the main ambitions of this integrated project, which will transform the entire sector in Portugal.

The first public presentation of the RN21 Integrated Project brought together a panel of experts from business, industry, academia and the resin territories to discuss the resin sector in Portugal and also in Spain. The event was attended by the Minister for the Environment and Climate Action, Duarte Cordeiro, the Secretary of State for the Economy, Pedro Cilínio, and various public bodies who got to know the main protagonists of this integrated project up close.

Opening the session, Carlos Fonseca, CTO of CoLAB ForestWISE, said that “RN21 is a turning point for the resin sector in Portugal, as it aims to enhance the entire value chain through initiatives that support sustainable forest management, reducing the risk of fire, boosting the development of the rural world and contributing to territorial cohesion by investing in national natural resin”, adding that “it is a source of immense pride for CoLAB ForestWISE to lead an integrative and transformative project of this scale, which will have an impact on one of our country’s most traditional sectors”.

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