’22 nov. 24

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The Science Coffee Series “Our Planet, our Health” count with the participation of experts in different areas with the aim of, in a relaxed atmosphere, address issues such as health for people, animals and the environment. Carlos Fonseca was one of the guests to discuss the sustainability of terrestrial ecosystems, namely forests, in a co-authorship presentation with Henrique A. Pereira.

’22 nov. 24

Promoted by E-REDES and co-organized by ForestWISE, the High Tec rePLANt Breakfast, which took place in Lisbon at Leap Amoreiras, was intended to present to public entities, Government and SGIFR entities the technological innovations of this mobilizing project for the valorization and defense of the Portuguese forest.

’22 nov. 21

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As part of the celebrations of the National Day of the Autochthonous Forest, the Sement Event 2022, organized by the Mata do Bussaco Foundation, focused on the themes of conservation of the national forest, namely the “propagation of native species, the enhancement and renaturalization of degraded spaces and control of invasive exotic species”. Carlos Fonseca has participated with a presentation in collaboration with Henrique A. Pereira about “Forest: sustainability and threats”.

’22 nov. 11 to 18

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This international conference addressed the main topics on forest fire management and the latest developments on science and technology in this area. ForestWISE was present in this event organized by CEIF – ADAI, University of Coimbra, with Rui Pinto, Co-Coordinator of ForestWISE’s Risk Management line, who was in the opening session, and Brigite Botequim, Senior Researcher of the same line, who was Co-Chairperson in a session about risk reduction and who also represented our CoLAB, in the scope of FIRE-RES, a European project of which we are partners and co-leaders of the Portuguese Living Lab.

’22 nov. 14

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INIAV organized the first edition of the CoLABs Meeting, at Fonte Boa Research Pole, in Vale de Santarém. This meeting intended to promote knowledge sharing, synergies and networking between the multiple CoLABs and this institution, under the premise of research and cooperation between both and the promotion of synergies, opportunities and present and future challenges. ForestWISE was present in this meeting as one of the CoLABs with INIAV involvement.

’22 nov. 4

The first workshop of FIRE-RES, a consortium coordinated by CTFC having the partnership of ForestWISE, also being the leader of the demonstration area of the Portuguese Living Lab, located in Serra da Lousã, took place in Ecomuseu, Lousã. In the scope of this European project, ForestWISE and ISA organized this workshop, which was attended by several public and private entities from the forestry sector, working together on challenges and solutions for their intervention territory.

’22 oct. 22

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Occurred in Arganil, the Resiners’ Day, was promoted by Resipinus. Under the topic “The resin industry in the sustainability and future of the forest”, this event was attended by the Secretary of State for Nature Conservation, Forests and Territory Planning, João Paulo Catarino, and had the contribution of several entities of the resin industry and the Pinhal Interior territory, being an opportunity to discuss the main opportunities of the sector. ForestWISE was present at this meeting, highlighting the role of the integrated project RN21 in the valorisation of the sector and the national forest.

’22 oct. 10 to 14

The city of Funchal hosted the 9th National Forestry Congress, which debated the current state of the Portuguese forest, its challenges and the forestry models for the future. Organized by the Portuguese Society of Forest Sciences, with the theme “Sustainability of the Portuguese forest: enhancing to overcome challenges”, the 9th edition of this congress was sponsored by ForestWISE. Our CoLAB was also represented in the Organizing Committee and in the Scientific Committee of this national event that will give a strong focus on science, research, innovation and knowledge transfer in the forestry area.

’22 oct. 11 and 12

This summit, which this year’s theme was focused on innovation as a driver for the sector, was focused on technologies as a solution for the agro-business. ForestWISE was represented by the presence of the INIAV associate that exposed a poster about our CoLAB.

’22 sep. 15 and 16 | 09am

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ForestWISE promoted, in collaboration with the Spanish foundation CESEFOR and More CoLAB, the INBEC for the future, a workshop aimed to improve the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises in Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro region, in the scope of agroforestry bioeconomy and circular economy.

’22 jun. 27 and jul. 1

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ForestWISE and ISA presented a poster about “Estimating fuel complex height in brush communities without tree cover from low-density LiDAR data”. The study demonstrated the usefulness of LiDAR metrics from the Plan Nacional de Ortofotografía Aérea (PNOA) flight in fuel mapping and accuracy in information to be integrated into fire behavior simulators.

’22 jun. 23

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The sixth scientific conference of FCT’s 25th anniversary celebrations, which took place at UTAD, was dedicated to “R&D Programs and Projects”. Carlos Fonseca was invited to join the discussion panel on “The role of R&D projects in science and development”.

’22 jun. 17

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Sandra Valente and Carlos Fonseca were present in this event aimed to discuss the fight against desertification and mitigation of the effects of drought. On this day, the FoRES project contract was signed, led by the University of Aveiro and having as partners NIBIO (Norway) and ForestWISE.

’22 jun. 14 and 15

Paulo Fernandes, Senior Researcher at ForestWISE, spoke as keynote on ecological foundations for fire-resilient landscapes. Brigite Botequim, also a Senior Researcher at our CoLAB, lectured on participatory mechanisms for risk awareness and communication.

’22 jun. 2

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At this conference about sustainability in industry, Joana Vieira, Senior Researcher at ForestWISE, was one of the invited speakers, in a plenary intervention about the potential of forest products for sustainability.

’22 may 3

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This conference aimed to discuss best practices in fuel management and contribute to the correct coexistence of power lines with the forest. João Torres, Senior Researcher at ForestWISE, presented “Compatible Occupations”, as part of a collaboration between our CoLAB and E-REDES.

’22 may 20

This conference aimed to discuss best practices in fuel management and contribute to the correct coexistence of power lines with the forest. João Torres, Senior Researcher at ForestWISE, presented “Compatible Occupations”, as part of a collaboration between our CoLAB and E-REDES.

’22 may 17

This presentation had the collaboration of ForestWISE as an entity of the National Scientific and Technological System, in the area of forestry and fire. The document addresses the issue of the search for technology and innovative solutions to face the problem of fires,. Those solutions raise important issues such as protection through patents.

’22 may 6

In this meeting dedicated to Forest Firefighters and all Civil Protection forces, the theme “The Past, Present and Future of Forest Firefighters” was debated. Sandra Valente, Senior Researcher of ForestWISE, and Rui Pinto, Project Manager of this CoLAB, attended this event in Vila Nova de Paiva.

’22 may 5 and 6

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At this annual meeting, which debated “Grazing as an activity for territorial valorisation”, Carlos Fonseca presented, as a guest, an opening conference on the project for the Revitalisation of the forestry sector in the Pinhal Interior and the role of extensive grazing and transhumance.

’22 may 4

This conference discussed the future of Portuguese forestry, its territorial relevance and the strategies to be implemented to promote a more sustainable future for the various forestry sectors and their contribution to economic, social, environmental and climate issues. This event, which gathered the most important players in the Portuguese forestry sector, included the participation of Carlos Fonseca as guest speaker on the first panel on: “2030 – A forest and a territory with a future”.

’22 apr. 29

In these working sessions, which were attended by the Secretary of State for Regional Development, Prof. Isabel Ferreira, and the President of the Commission for Regional Coordination and Development, Dr. Isabel Damasceno, representatives of various institutions of the Central Region contributed to the participative construction of the “PROT-Centro”. ForestWISE was present at these sessions, focusing on the analysis of the themes Forest, Environment, Territory and Natural Resources and the strategy of this region to answer the challenges for the next 10 years.

’22 apr. 6 – 9

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This event was attended by around 40 national and national and international speakers who shared knowledge about Nature Tourism, Health and Wellness Tourism and the consequent economic enhancement and sustainable development of natural heritage. Carlos Fonseca, CTO of ForestWISE, was one of the invited speakers, addressing a topic developed in CoLAB about the
strategy for the forest in Pinhal Interior.

’22 apr. 5 and 6

This event brought together seven European projects funded by the Green Deal, Horizon 2020 and Cost Action in the theme of forest fire management. One of the projects is FIRE-RES, of which ForestWISE is a partner. Brigite Botequim, Senior Researcher of our CoLAB, participated in a working group in which case studies of the countries involved were presented in order to later prepare a plan for collaboration and synergies between the various projects.

’22 apr. 25 and 26

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ForestWISE was one of the entities invited to attend this meeting, which included a visit to Alvão mountains to meet projects that promote the native breeds of cattle and goats of the region. The event also included a seminar in Braga, where was debated the importance of grazing for the development and sustainability of the territories.

’22 mar. 24

The seminar discussed the National Fire Fighters Programme and the results of improving the performance of those technical teams. Sandra Valente, Coordinator of the Work Line 4, and Virgínia Rocha, Project Manager of the same line, attended this event, as the responsible for the evaluation of the Forest Fire Fighter Programme, in collaboration with ICNF.

’22 mar. 21

To commemorate this day, Arganil City Council organised an educational event in the Açor mountains with the purpose of taking care of the trees planted. ForestWISE was one of the entities invited to be present.

’22 mar. 16

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In this session, Jorge Cunha, ForestWISE’s Project Manager, presented the rePLANt project, namely its mission and activities developed for the integrated management of forest and fire.

’22 feb. 25

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Carlos Fonseca was at the presentation event of the fifth volume of the magazine Lucanus – Ambiente e Sociedade. As founder and editor of the magazine, he spoke to the guests about how challenging and gratifying it is to contribute to this publication which has increasingly diverse articles from national and international authors.

’22 feb. 23

ANI organized six sessions across the country, in which had clarified questions about the recognition of Centres for Technology and Innovation (CTI) and the funding of Collaborative Laboratories (CoLAB). Carlos Fonseca and Alexandra Marques participated in one of these sessions representing ForestWISE.

’22 jan. 18 – 20

ForestWISE was remotely present at this initial event which took place in Solsona with all the consortium partners. During these three days, the various activities of this European project were presented, with interventions from external experts and a visit to burned areas in Catalonia.


’21 nov. 9th and 10th | 9.30 am

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Carlos Fonseca, CTO of ForestWISE, represents this CoLab at ANI’s annual meeting. His participation will be part of the «Parallel Session: Agrifood, Energy and Sustainability; Biodiversity and Forest, Social Services and Tourism»

’21 nov. 3rd´| 10 a.m.

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Carlos Fonseca, CTO of ForestWISE and Professor at the Department of Biology at the University of Aveiro, participates in this first meeting in Zamora entitled “La Economía Circular como respuesta al cambio climático”, in which he spoke on the theme “Border natives resource-based sustainable raw materials”.

’21 jul. 15th | 2.30 p.m.

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Carlos Fonseca, CTO of ForestWISE, participates in the Dialogue II on the debate about Economy & Sustainability: an outside view

’21 jul. 14 and 15th | 10 a.m.

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This initiative from ANI brought together the best business ideas from scientific and/or technological knowledge of students and researchers. Carlos Fonseca was part of the jury in the thematic area: Tourism, Cultural and Creative Industries and Resources for the Valorization of the Interior.

´21 jun. 1st | 10 a.m.

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Alexandra Marques, from the Circular Economy and Value Chains work line and member of the Executive Coordination of ForestWISE, participated in the panel discussion of this event.

’21 may 14th | 11 a.m.

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At this event, ForestWISE presented the project áGiL.TerForus, namely the preliminary results of the LiDAR flight in seven pilot territories and the first phase of the SGIFR Interoperable Platform (Integrated Rural Fire Management System). 

’21 may 31th | 11 a.m.

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Carlos Fonseca was invited to participate in the Q&A panel of invited experts at this conference where best practices in fuel management were discussed.

’21 apr. 19th 

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Carlos Fonseca participated in this conference, addressing the importance of Innovation for the revitalization of the forest sector in the Pinhal Interior.


’20 jul. 7th

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ForestWISE intends to contribute to the great challenge caused by COVID-19 in the forest and fire areas. So, has organized this initiative which included a panel of experts who reflected on issues such as the impacts of the pandemic and what will change in the forest and fire sectors.

’20 feb. 10th

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This meeting has the participation of a renowned group of specialists and intended to open the way for more and better contributions from Portuguese science in response to the country’s great challenge to the integrated management of rural fires. 


’19 jan. 17th

This workshop was attended by 30 stakeholders who reflected about the priority projects in the area of rural fires and forest and fire governance.


’18 dec. 4

This Workshop brought together several stakeholders to reflect on research topics and priority projects for the Portuguese forest.

’18 marc. 16 th

This meeting that took place in the center of the country, determined the birth of CoLAB ForestWISE with the signing of the Memorandum between the Foundation for Science and Technology and this Collaborative Laboratory. 

’18 mar. 6th

INESC TEC hosted Canadian expert Kelvin Hirsch for this workshop, which focused on the strategic concerns of rural fire management and governance, taking into account the situation and approach adopted by Canada.


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