Expert says “fire is not always bad” if it allows the creation of “buffer zones”, Diário de Notícias

Ana Sá, researcher at CoLAB ForestWISE , explains that “small grazing fires” end up acting in a “very positive way” by acting as a “buffer zone”, preventing fire from reaching greater intensity and spreading to surrounding areas in the summer.

“Fire is not always bad, it is not a bad protagonist always. These fires which happened at the beginning of the year are of great importance because they happened in a controlled environment and with low impacts, in terms of intensity,” he argued.

ForestWISE – Collaborative Laboratory for Integrated Forest and Fire Management – is a private, non-profit association, whose mission is to promote the integrated management of forests and fire, based on (co)research and development activities, knowledge and technology transfer, acting as a link between industry, academia and public administration.

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