Research area that focuses on risk attitudes and behaviors, risk communication and the study of socio-ecological systems in their specific context, including the value of forest areas to forest land owners.

Some of the expected research results will include:

Attitudes and behaviors for fire prevention, taking into account collaborative approaches, protection and safety of communities

Risk communication

Social, economic and ecological interactions

Socio-economic studies of forest owners and new ways to promote greater engagement in forest management

Development of processes to establish and communicate the value of rural areas (listing and mapping)

Pessoas e Politicas (2)
pessoas e politicas

This area of ​​research also focuses on natural resource management and policy assessment and systems design. Some of the expected research results will include:

Risk control, stakeholder management, adoption barriers and implementation management, and training and collaboration with educational programs

(Economic) assessment of the mix of investments in a portfolio of alternative solutions

Supporting the development of policies and incentives for the forestry sector, including the assessment and design of instruments to support forestry investment

Study of the impacts of public policies on the decarbonization of the economy in the biomass subsector and recommendation and regulation policies for post-fire territory management

Organizational models and tools of collective action for rural landowners


Sandra Valente

Senior Researcher
PhD in Environmental Sciences and Engineering (UA, 2013)

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Virgínia Rocha

Project Manager

Master in Environmental Management (UM, 2011)

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