Potential use of natural resin in the current context, Produtores Florestais

The transition to a more sustainable economy, which responds to the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, offers numerous opportunities for the revitalization of more traditional sectors of the Portuguese economy, based on the exploitation of natural resources, as is the case of the production and processing of natural resin.

Pine resin is one of the multiple products of the maritime pine forest in the Centre and North of Portugal, and also of the stone pine forest in the more coastal areas, although more insignificant.

Pinus pinaster is a structuring species in the context of national forest, occupying 673 thousand hectares and representing about 20% of the total national forest area (IFN6), enabling the dynamisation of economic and social development in our rural areas, and the extraction of its resin has a very relevant role in the local and national economy.

Produtores Florestais

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