Agenda for the digital transformation of the forestry sector towards a resilient and low-carbon economy

Innovation in the natural resin sector to strengthen the national bio-economy

Innovative technologies and socio-economic solutions for fire-resistant territories in Europe

Development of Forest RESilience to Fire under a Climate Change Scenario

Bioeconomy for Textile and Clothing

Innovation and empowerment of the footwear industry for a sustainable bioeconomy

Regions for climate change resilience through Innovation, Science and Technology

Compatible occupation of fuel management rows: supporting species selection

Intervention plan for rural fire risk management at the IKEA Industry complex

Circular Bioeconomy, promotion and development of a sustainable economy through innovation and business cooperation

Fuel Management in the Bussaco National Forest

Action Project for Reforestation and Combating Desertification of Moreirolas

Monitoring projects under the R&D mobilisation programme for the prevention and combating of forest fires

Research and development projects aimed at the integrated management of fire and the improvement of forest management

Evaluation of the Forest Firefighters Programme 2011-2021

Integrated Services with Arboreal Application

211-caused rural fires: background, assessment, mitigation strategies
and proposed improvements

Grounding collaborative strategies for integrated management of forests and fire

Pilot project on analysis products, using LiDAR, for territory, forest and rural fires management

Highly Qualified Human Resources

Highly Qualified Human Resources