Collaboration with the Agency for the Integrated Management of Rural Fires

CoLAB ForestWISE® has iniciated a series of short-term (three to six months) research and development projects which aims the integrated management of fire and, consequently, the improvement of forest management.

The projects come from a call for proposals by the Agency for the Integrated Management of Rural Fires (AGIF) and cover the following areas:

1. Fuel management planning

Studies the effect of distance and reduction frequency of combustible vegetation in protecting structures and road networks. Addresses two essential topics: the minimum distance from secondary networks of fuel management lanes and the frequency of fuel management required, considering the type of forest fuel and local weather conditions. This study is already published on AGIF’s website.

2. Rules for buildings and surroundings in rural areas

The objective is to support the definition of public policies that guarantee the gradual transformation of buildings in rural areas, making them more resilient to fire. Enables the analysis of the existing buildings, identify the materials and construction elements that are most vulnerable to radiation and the entry of incandescent particles into buildings, and also the most effective and least expensive interventions, taking into account the reduction of the impact on people and goods, in case of rural fire. This study is already published on AGIF’s website.

3. Mapping fire regimes at a village scale

Aims to map the fire regimes in Mainland Portugal at a village level (from 1980 to 2017), identifying different situations that require different treatment from the public policies point of view, plans and programs. A map will be produced indicating the most vulnerable areas and which will encourage the creation of strategies aimed at reducing risk, taking into account the characteristics of each area.

4. Analysis of the effectiveness and quality of suppression resources

Will develop a cost-benefit analysis, considering different solutions of standard and professional teams in the firefighting system, and their impact on reducing the number of ignitions. The idea is to support public policies that support the ongoing transformation.


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