E-REDES: Compatible occupation of fuel management rows: species selection support

This work is based on Decree-Law 82/2021 of 13 October 2021, which provides that fuel removal in management rows and strategic mosaic areas may be replaced by a compatible type of occupation that ensures the management of the understory and the fulfilment of the functions envisaged for these areas.

Species with potential for compatible occupation

This study is divided into the following phases:

  1. Gathering information to characterise the areas with compatible occupation potential;
  2. Based on this information and in collaboration with experts, defining a list of species per municipality;
  3. In order to assess the risk that different species present in case of fire, construction of a fuel model using the BehavePlus application from the USDA;
  4. Survey of information on active agro-forestry processing and transformation units in each municipality to identify species with the greatest potential for economic exploitation and valorisation;
  5. Preparation of a fact sheet for each municipality, suggesting forest species recommended for soil occupation compatible with the fuel management rows, respective mapping and management recommendations.

The aim of this work is to contribute to greater and better management of fuel management rows, taking the best advantage of their functions and generating value for rural landowners.


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