Within the scope of the Mobilising Programme for the Prevention and Fight Against Forest Fires, the Foundation for Science and Technology has established a follow-up structure with CoLAB ForestWISE® that aims at promoting the results of these projects, maximising their potential benefits for society and generating potential synergies between projects and research teams.

This work includes the 56 research projects funded in the Mobiliser Programme, distributed among 29 proposing educational and scientific institutions in Portugal.


The monitoring and analysis methodology is being implemented in the projects of the 2017 edition, which will be followed in subsequent editions, and is supported by a productive interaction with the research teams and potential stakeholders, end-users and beneficiaries of the results of the various projects.

This initiative aims to highlight the path to impact of these projects, highlighting the main results and their potential appropriation and/or use by end-users, the benefits generated and the associated risks and mitigation strategies.

In this context, the achieved and/or potential benefits of the Programme will be highlighted in five types of impact:


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