Forest fire fighter programme

CoLAB ForestWISE®, in collaboration with the Institute for Nature Conservation and Forests (ICNF), developed the evaluation of the Forest Firefighters Programme for the period 2011-2020. The Forest Firefighters Programme is a forestry policy measure with impact on the entire process chain of the Integrated Management System of Rural Fires.

With greater focus on fuel management and surveillance activities, this programme involves more than 400 Forestry Sapper teams spread throughout the country, with greater relevance in the Central and Northern regions of the country.

The evaluation of the Forest Firefighters Programme aimed to identify the opportunities and constraints of the programme and to propose recommendations and measures to improve the performance of the teams and their impact on reducing rural fires.

Evaluation methodology

It is based on the operationalisation of a set of operational and strategic indicators in the following areas:

In addition to the information collected in the Forest Firefighter Programme’s Information System, surveys were conducted by questionnaire with the heads of the Forest Firefighter teams and the Monitoring Technicians of the Forest Firefighter teams’ Managing Entities.

The ForestWISE team developed this initiative in collaboration with a working group from ICNF, and focus groups were held with five non-governmental entities that integrate and monitor the Programme, namely the National Union of Civil Protection, Forestis, Fórum Florestal, BALADI, the National Association of Forest Firefighters and also some Monitoring Technicians of Forest Firefighter teams.


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