Forest Inventory
Integrated Services with Arboreal Application

New technologies for data collection in forest plantations, although already widely exploited in other markets, are new in the national context. In smartphone application format, these technologies offer a number of advantages over the traditional forest inventory method.

Studied in the scope of the rePLANt project, taking into account the most diverse typologies of forests in our country, these technologies present a considerable reduction of time in the inventory activity and elements in the field, in addition to having high precision when it comes to pine and eucalyptus plantations.

CoLAB ForestWISE® has established a collaboration with the Swedish company Arboreal Forest – one of the largest companies in this market – being the main reference point in Portugal. Any user who purchases a license of this app can, at any time, count with CoLAB ForestWISE® local support for use and questions.

In addition to basic support, CoLAB ForestWISE® has developed three integrated services to support the four stages of forest inventory: planning, data collection, data processing and analysis.

(1) User training: initial training of purchasers for the correct use of the application and provision of a user manual.

(2) Forest inventory consulting: Follow-up of forest inventory planning and the elaboration of a field data collection protocol containing the suggested sampling scheme, the geographical distribution of the forest inventory plots as well as the geographical coordinates.

(3) Data processing and provision: Processing of the field data collected by the users with appropriate equations and provision of the results by means of an interactive dashboard and a complete report with collected data and volume estimates.

Some companies have already chosen to use this technology with the support of CoLAB ForestWISE®.

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