Intervention Plan for Rural Fire Risk Management at the IKEA Industry Complex

Fuel management in association with the protection of industrial areas and structures, as stipulated and regulated by the current law on the Integrated Rural Fire Management System (SGIFR) – Decree-Law 82/2021, requires the promotion and application of integrated forest and fire management processes, in order to protect and enhance the forest heritage of the Portuguese territory.

Most forest areas in Portugal suffer from absent/inadequate management, contributing to reduced productivity, devaluation of the territory and resources, and the risk and severity of rural fires, with consequent social, economic and environmental damage.

This is the context of the partnership between CoLAB ForestWISE® and IKEA Industry, of the Paços de Ferreira Industrial Complex, which began in January 2023, and aims to analyze the rural fire risk in the area around the company’s facilities in this complex.


In a first stage, CoLAB ForestWISE®  made exploratory visits to the areas surrounding the facilities, allowing to verify the load and characteristics of the existing fuel in the area adjacent to the industrial area, identifying critical points, management action needs, including, beyond the provisions of the Municipal Forest Fire Defence Plan (PMDFCI) of the Municipality of Paços de Ferreira, in accordance with the existing law (Decree Law 82/2021, Article 49).

Once the data collection and the existing baseline information was done, contacts were made with other local entities and organizations, in order to involve them in the process of global risk management in that area.

CoLAB ForestWISE® intends to develop an Intervention Plan for Rural Fire Risk Management at the IKEA Industry Complex in Paços de Ferreira, in order to protect the facilities, beyond the legal obligation mentioned above.

At the end, a report will be presented allowing the definition of possible scenarios for fuel management, including the possibility of changing the land use in the industrial complex surroundings, with an active and preventive forest management.


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