REACT GesCoMB: Fuel Management in the Bussaco National Forest

The integrated management of the forest, historical, cultural, religious and military heritage of the Bussaco National Forest (BNF) implies the coordination of the various needs and priorities in terms of preservation, conservation and protection of this heritage. One of the aspects deserving special attention is the preservation of the forest heritage and its biodiversity and the prevention of rural fires (area classified as “Very High” and “High” fire danger in the Rural Fire Danger Charter 2020-2030). On the other hand, the proliferation of invasive woody species is observed, both within the forest and in its surroundings, threatening the biodiversity of forest areas.

The BNF’s Forest Management Plan (FMP), as well as the respective Specific Forest Intervention Plan (SFIP), foresees the implementation of interventions aimed at rehabilitating stands, recovering the BFN’s recreational and conservation functions and increasing its resilience, particularly with regard to rural fires. It is in this context that the project REACT-GesCoMB – Fuel Management in the Bussaco National Forest was born in December 2022. In February 2023, the partnership established with CoLAB ForestWISE® within the scope of this project, foresees a set of actions that, in essence, have the following objectives:

The objectives:

The REACT-GesCoMB is part of Call No. 1/REACT-EU/2022 Support to Climate Transition “Resilience interventions of territories against risk | Fuel management in territories submitted to the forest regime (national forests and forest perimeters) and its subsequent recovery and maintenance”, launched by COMPETE 2020 in late March 2022.


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