Regions for climate change resilience through Innovation, Science and Technology

RESIST – Regions for climate change resilience through Innovation, Science and Technology is an European project involving 56 entities (from 15 countries) and a total investment of 26 million euros (over 5.6 million euros for Portugal).

RESIST provides for the development of innovation demonstration projects in four regions and the transfer of knowledge and innovative solutions to eight other regions, as a step towards increasing their capacity to adapt to climate change.

One of the demonstrators of this project will be developed in the Centre Region (in the territories of the Coimbra Region and the Middle Tejo), with a budget of almost 2.5 million euros. Its activity focuses on the development of solutions to promote a more effective management and valorisation of the forest, reducing the effects of climate change in the region, particularly the occurrence of large rural fires.

To this purpose, the following actions will be implemented:


The ultimate goal is to define new business models and forms of governance of the Integrated Landscape Management Areas (AIGP) and “Condomínios de Aldeia”, in which the work will be developed.

This project is coordinated by the Commission for Coordination and Regional Development of the Centre (CCDRC) and has the participation of the Intermunicipal Communities of Coimbra Region and Médio Tejo, CoLAB ForestWISE®, BLC3 Association, MédioTejo21 and the Polytechnic Institute of Portalegre, as well as Vesterålen (Norway) and Extremadura (Spain) regions, with which the articulation for results transfer will be made. INOVA+, which has an active role in the coordinating team, will also support this project.


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