The Strategic Agenda for Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I) is the basis of CoLAB’s activity.

On the agenda, the six main research topics on which CoLAB ForestWISE® works are defined, namely:

  • Forest and fire management;
  • Risk management;
  • Circular economy and value chains;
  • Policy and system design;
  • Cross-cutting technologies;
  • Key enabling technologies;
  • People, fire and forest.


These six themes are divided into 19 sub-themes, which together integrate 62 research topics.

This agenda represents a management tool designed in 2019 during a participatory process involving various actors from the sectors, looking to correspond to associates’ needs, to national priorities and to support the definition of sectoral public policies in which ForestWISE® will have an active voice.

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R&D&I Agenda creating process, in images: