rePLANt at Agroglobal

rePLANt, a project of national interest that gets together various entities in the forestry sector, from leading companies to R&I entities, will be present at Agroglobal fair – one of the largest fairs in the agricultural and forestry sector, at Valada do Ribatejo (Santarém) from september 7 to 9. This consortium will take the opportunity to show to all the visitors, the activities rePLANt is developing within the scope of innovative management of the portuguese forest, the work developed and some of the results obtained.

RePLANt – Grounding collaborative strategies for integrated management of forest and fire – is an unprecedented collaboration that aims to improve the safety of populations living in forest territories, fire prevention and fighting systems, reduce threats to biodiversity and increase forest resilience, infrastructure and the competitiveness of the sector.

This common and coordinated effort, which brings together 20 entities in the sector, allows implementing collaborative strategies that will give rise to innovative Processes, Products and Services to be applied in the national forest, the so-called Lines of Action: Forest and Fire Management (led by Sonae Arauco Portugal and the Instituto Superior de Agronomia), Risk Management (led by REN and the University of Coimbra) and the Circular Economy and Value Chains (led by The Navigator  Company and ForestWISE).

The strategies and activities running in this project will have a positive impact on the whole chain, particularly on its service providers and forest producers. Within the first line of action – Forest and Fire Management – an initial approach is being made to the forest occupation map with real-time satellite images, where important conclusions derived from the analysis of expeditious forest inventory applications are obtained.

In the Risk Management area was developed a fire propagation simulator in REN’s decision support and infrastructure protection platform and there have been several advances regarding the registration of forest fire occurrences’ interface.

In the third work line – Circular Economy and Value Chains – the focus now is the development of innovative equipment for specific forestry operations, with more efficiency and less environmental impact, as well as new technologies that collect data from cutting and delivery machines that are subsequently analyzed and share indicators for a socially and economically sustainable environmental forestry exploration.

Several rePLANt partners will be at Agroglobal to show their activity exhibitors through brand activations, exhibitors, demonstrations and parallel sessions in which visitors will be able to know about more efficient and intelligent equipment and technological innovations, on the way to the forest 4.0 concept.