rePLANT presents innovative technologies to enhance the forest, Máquinas Agro

The new products, processes, services and technologies created to enhance the Portuguese forest by the collaborative project rePLANT will be presented on 23 March, in Mata do Braçal, in Lousã. Focusing on innovation for the forestry sector, the demonstration action will reveal the result of nearly three years of work by 20 entities in the implementation of strategies for integrated forest and fire management.

“We have dedicated the last three years to the future of the forest and found solutions that will contribute to its sustainable development and to the sector’s activity. These are the results of the best technical and scientific knowledge worked by business and non-business entities who worked on highly technological demonstrations” explains Carlos Fonseca, CoLAB ForestWISE’s CTO, who coordinates the project with The Navigator Company. “This is the first of several events to be held over the year, aimed at showcasing the results achieved by the rePLANT mobilising project, which will have a positive impact on the entire chain, namely on service providers and forestry producers,” he adds.

Máquinas Agro

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