The Forest and Fire in the pandemic time, Agroportal

“Forest and Fire in pandemic times” is the first book published exclusively by CoLAB ForestWISE, which counts with the contribution of 62 specialists and individualities from multiple sectors of our society.

The book is a compilation of 54 texts resulting from the Virtual Forum organized by ForestWISE in the middle of the pandemic, in which several guests participated and tried to answer about the impacts of the pandemic and the consequent changes expected for the forest and fire sectors in Portugal.

“This is a milestone to ForestWISE, as this book represents another disruptive, differentiating and striking element in the forest and fire sectors, revealing not only our boldness and attention to each reality and context, but also our concern for the sector’s agents, our associates, partners, society and people”, said Carlos Fonseca, ForestWISE’s CTO, during the book launch that took place on December 14.

On the other hand, José Manuel Mendonça, President of the Board of Directors of INESC TEC and the first President of the Board of the ForestWISE CoLAB, mentioned that “an exceptional circumstance, such as the pandemic, requires an exceptional attitude, and this book is also the result of an exceptional attitude of ForestWISE and its entire team”.

The event took place at the Dr. António Cupertino de Miranda Foundation, in Oporto, and was attended by the authors, editors, ForestWISE’s executive team and several relevant guests from the forestry and fire sectors in Portugal.

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