The RN21 Integrated Project Supervisory Board met to present the results of each measure and analyse agenda items

The RN21 Integrated Project’s Supervisory Board (COF), the highest body in the consortium’s structure, met on 28 February at Espaço Inovação Mealhada to discuss various issues relating to the management of the Integrated Project. CoLAB ForestWISE®, the leader of this aggregating consortium, hosted the meeting at which the first ordinary session of the Advisory Board also took place.

The session was opened by Mealhada Municipal Executive Councillor Ricardo Santos, Project Director Rogério Rodrigues and CoLAB ForestWISE® CTO Carlos Fonseca, who emphasised the “importance of showing what good is being done in this consortium, which is essential to share with the partners who accompany us”.

This was followed by the presentation of more than 20 measures, which form part of the three pillars on which the RN21 Integrated Project is based, namely: promoting the production of national natural resin (pillar I); strengthening the sustainability of the processing industry (pillar II); and the positive differentiation of Natural Resin and derived products (pillar III).