Ana Magalhães

Master in Applied Biology (UA, 2019)
Project Technician

Project Support Unit

Master in Applied Biology (UA-2019), with experience in international internships in Czech Republic and Estonia. Involved in several projects with different trapping methods (cameras and/or captures) developed scientific research activities on environmental impacts, animal ecology and behavior, biodiversity and population determinants of mammals and birds. Her interests in wildlife, nature and conservation come together in the rePLANt project in which she is involved.

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Areas of interest:

Micromammals, carnivores, ungulates, birds of prey, ecosystem preservation, reforestation, production forests, environmental impacts.


Title: Web-based citizen science as a tool in conservation research: A case study of prey delivery by the Lesser Spotted Eagle

Year: 2022

Authors: Väli, Ü., Magalhães, A.

Journal: Plos one


Title: Mammals in Portugal: A data set of terrestrial, volant, and marine mammal occurrences in Portugal

Year: 2022

Authors: Grilo, C. et al.

Journal: Ecology