Carlos Fonseca

Chief Technology Officer

Executive Coordination
PhD in Biology (UA, 2004)

Carlos Fonseca, biologist, PhD in Biology from the University of Aveiro (UA, 2004), is currently Chief Technology Officer of ForestWISE and Visiting Associate Professor in the Department of Biology at UA. For about 19 years he taught and researched at UA and CESAM – Centre for Environment and Sea Studies – on topics related to the Conservation, Management and Enhancement of Wild Resources, coordinating the Wildlife Unit. At the UA he was also Director of the Masters in Applied Ecology, of the PhD Program in Biology and Ecology of Global Change, Member of the Executive Committee of the Department of Biology and the PhD School, among other relevant positions. He has published over 180 scientific articles in international journals, 21 books, 19 book chapters and has supervised 19 PhD theses and 53 MSc theses. He is the coordinator of several projects funded by national and international competitive programs. He was one of the 12 experts of the Independent Technical Commission of the Portuguese Parliament that analysed the 2017 portuguese rural fires.

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Áreas de interesse:

Management and Conservation of Wild Resources, Forest Ecology, Endogenous Resources Valorization and Ecosystem Services


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