Cátia Santos

Project Technician

PhD in Agricultural and Forestry Sciences (UTAD, 2019)

Work line 2: Risk Management

Cátia has a degree in Biology (UA, 2008), a master’s degree in Toxicology and Ecotoxicology (UA, 2010), and a PhD in Agricultural and Forestry Sciences (UTAD, 2019). During her academic career she has participated as a researcher in projects in different transdisciplinary areas, from ecology to microbiology, soil science and waste valorisation. She also has professional experience in project management, sustainability, circular economy and environmental education.

Areas of interest:

Circular Economy, Sustainability, Waste Recovery, Environmental Education


Title: Guia de Economia Circular para o Setor Vitivinícola

Year: 2023

Authors: Santos, C., Pereira, L., Carvalho, L.


Title: Evaluation of the potential of agro-industrial waste-based composts to control Botrytis gray mold and soilborne fungal diseases in lettuce

Year: 2021

Authors: Santos C., Monte, J., Vilaça, N., Fonseca, J., Trindade, H., Cortez, I, Goufo, P.

Journal: Biology and Fertility of Soils


Title: Chemical properties of agro-wastes compost affect greenhouse gas emission from soils through changed C and N mineralisation

Year: 2021

Authors: Santos, C., Fonseca, J., Coutinho, J., Trindade, H., Jensen, L.

Journal: Processes

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