Daniela Teixeira

Project Technician

PhD in Biology and Ecology of Global Change (UA, FCUL, 2023)

Work Line 2: Risk Management

Master’s degree in Ecology and Environmental Management (FCUL, 2015), where she began developing projects in forest areas with small mammals. Later, she moved on to work with mesocarnivores during her doctorate in Biology and Ecology of Global Change (UA, FCUL, 2023). She developed tasks in different projects where she was responsible for the planning, execution and processing of data collected during fieldwork, highlighting the experience gained in capturing and handling small mammals, placing camera traps, and gathering biological material.

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Areas of interest:

Biodiversity, mammals, forest management, project management, production forests.


Title: Effect of anthropic disturbances on the activity pattern of two generalist mesocarnivores inhabiting Mediterranean forestry plantations.

Year: 2023

Authors: Teixeira D., Ares-Pereira G., Camarinha C., Lima C., Magalhães A., Castro G., Fonseca C., Rosalino L.

Journal:Biodiversity and Conservation


Title: Drivers of occupancy patterns for the red fox, Vulpes vulpes, in Mediterranean Eucalyptus plantations

Year: 2022

Authors: Teixeira D., Castro G., Ares-Pereira G., Lima C., Magalhães A., Camarinha C., Guillera-Arroita G., Fonseca C., Rosalino L.

Journal: Forest Ecology and Management


Title: Influence of life-history traits on the occurrence of carnivores within exotic Eucalyptus plantations

Year: 2020

Authors: Teixeira D., Guillera-Arroita G., Hilário R., Fonseca C., Rosalino L.

Journal: Diversity and Distributions


Title: Management of Eucalyptus plantations influences small mammal density: Evidence from Southern Europe

Year: 2017

Authors: Teixeira D., Carrilho M., Mexia T., Köbel M,, Santos M,, Santos-Reis M,, Rosalino L.

Journal: Forest Ecology and Management