Isabel Pôças

Senior Researcher
PhD in Agricultural Sciences (UP, 2010)

Work Line 1: Forest and Fire Management

PhD. in Agricultural Sciences from FCUP (2010), Isabel’s areas of expertise include the application of remote sensing data and technologies for monitoring of biophysical parameters of vegetation and monitoring and mapping of spatial-temporal dynamics of vegetation, ecosystems, and landscape. She has experience in the application of spectral and thermal data, obtained by satellite missions and by portable proximity sensors. She has participated in more than ten international and national research projects and published more than 25 articles in indexed scientific journals, with more than 750 citations.

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Áreas de interesse:

Remote sensing, Satellite, Agroforestry applications


Title: Multi-sensor spectral synergies for crop stress detection and monitoring in the optical domain: a review

Year: 2022


Berger, K., Machwitz, M., Kycko, M., Kefauver, S.C., Van Wittenberghe, S., Gerhards, M., Verrelst, J., Atzberger, C., van der Tol, C., Damm, A., Rascher, U., Herrmann, I., Paz, V.S., Fahrner, S., Pieruschka, R., Prikaziuk, E., Darvishzadeh, D., Buchaillot, M.L., Halabuk, A., Celesti, M., Koren, G., Gormus, E.T., Rossini, M., Foerster, M., Siegmann, B., Abdelbaki, A., Tagliabue, G., Hank, T., Aasen, H., Garcia, M., Pôças, I., Bandopadhyay, S., Sulis, M., Tomelleri, E., Rozenstein, O., Filchev, L., Stancile, G., Schlerf, M.

Journal: Remote Sensing of Environment


Title: A review of strategies, methods and technologies to reduce non-beneficial consumptive water use on farms considering the FAO56 methods

Year: 2020

Authors: Jovanovic, N.; Pereira, L.S.; Paredes; P., Pôças, I.; Cantore, V.; Todorovic, M.

Journal: Agricultural Water Management


Title: Mapping and Assessing the Dynamics of Shifting Agricultural Landscapes Using Google Earth Engine Cloud Computing, a Case Study in Mozambique

Year: 2020

Authors: Mananze, S.; Pôças, I.; Cunha, M.

Journal: Remote Sensing

Title: Remote sensing for estimating and mapping single and basal crop coefficients: A review on spectral vegetation indices approaches

Year: 2020

Authors: Pôças, I.; Calera, A.; Campos; I., Cunha, M.

Revista: Agricultural Water Management