Joana Vieira

Senior Researcher
PhD in Biology (UC, 2013)

Work Line 1: Forest and fire management

Master in Ecology and PhD in Biology at the University of Coimbra, has expertise in dendrochronology, plant physiology and forest ecology. She was a researcher at the Center for Functional Ecology at the University of Coimbra where she investigated the impact of climate change, particularly drought, on the dynamics of cambial activity and wood formation in maritime pine. 

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Areas of interest:

Non-wood forest products; Forest Ecology; Forest management; Forest Productivity; Dendrochronology.


Title: Environment controls seasonal and daily Cycles of stem diameter variations in Portuguese oak (Quercus faginea Lambert)

Year: 2022

Authors: Vieira J., Campelo F., Nabais, C.

Journal: Forests


Title: Extreme growth increments reveal local and regional climatic signals in two Pinus pinaster populations.

Year: 2021

Authors: Vieira J., Nabais C., Campelo F.

Journal: Frontiers in Plant Science


Title: Growth-defence trade-offs in tapped pines on anatomical and resin production

Year: 2021

Authors: Garcia-Forner N., Campelo F., Carvalho A., Vieira J., Rodríguez-Pereiras A., Ribeiro M., Salgueiro A., Silva M., Louzada J.

Journal: Fororest Ecology and Management


Title: Tree growth under climate change: evidence from xylogenesis timings kinetics

Year: 2020

Authors: Vieira J., Carvalho A., Campelo F.

Journal: Frontiers in Plant Sciences