João Torres

Senior Researcher
PhD in Biology (UP, 2014)

Work Line 1: Forest and Fire Management

PhD in Biology (FCUP, 2014) Patterns and drivers of wildfire occurrence and post-fire vegetation resilience across scales in Portugal and MSc in Biodiversity and Genetic Resources (Cibio/FCUP, 2007) Ensemble models of habitat suitability chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) conservation to forest and landscape dynamics in Western Africa. With articles in the areas of ecology, conservation, ecological modelling, remote sensing and fire ecology published in specialist journals, having interacted with an extensive list of collaborators in research projects and co-authorship of scientific papers during his career. Experienced in modelling tools, remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS).

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Areas of interest:

Ecological modelling, Fire ecology, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote sensing


Title: Genes on the edge: A framework to detect genetic diversity imperiled by climate change

Year: 2019

Authors: Carvalho, S.; Torres, J.; Tarroso, P.; Velo-Antón, G.

Journal: Global Change Biology


Title: The role of fire on wolf distribution and breeding-site selection: Insights from a generalist carnivore occurring in a fire-prone landscape

Year: 2019

Authors: Lino, S.; Sillero, N.; Torres, J.; Santos, X.; Álvares, F.

Journal: Landscape and Urban Planning


Title: Indicator-based assessment of post-fire recovery dynamics using satellite NDVI time-series

Year: 2018

Authors: Torres, J.; Gonçalves J.; Marcos, B.; Honrado, J.

Journal: Ecological Indicators


Title: Local lithological drivers of post-fire vegetation recovery and implications for fire-prone regions

Year: 2016

Authors: Torres, J.; Marques, J.; Silva, H., Honrado, J.

Journal: Ecological Research