Madalena Ferreira

Master in Forestry and Natural Resources Engineering (ISA, 2023)

Project Technician

Work Line 2: Risk Management

Degree and Master in Forestry Engineering and Natural Resources (ISA, 2023), during her academic career she participated in the socio-economic team of several projects, such as “Alvares: A Case of Resilience”. In the last three years, he has worked in the areas of fuel management and land management, in rural fire prevention measures, collaborating with the National Authority for Civil Protection and other Portuguese state entities.
She also has operational experience in the areas of team and event management, having been a professionalized volunteer firefighter in the Mafra Voluntary Firefighters.

Areas of interest: Wildfires, Fuel Management, Land Planning and Management, Decision Support Systems, Optimization of Management Systems, Urban-Rural Spatial Planning, Operational Management.


Title: Support tool and guidelines for integrated risk assessment and planning for landscapes and wildland urban interface

Year: 2021

Authors: Plana, E., Serra, M., Canaleta, G., Vendrell, J., Pagès, D., Gasulla, N., Sequeira, A., Skulska, Y., Acácio, V. Ferreira, M., Colaço, M.

Journal: Deliverable 4.6. RECIPE Project