Sandra Valente

Senior Researcher
PhD in Environmental Sciences and Engineering (UA, 2013)

Work Line 4: People and Policies

PhD in Environmental Sciences and Engineering (UA, 2013) and MSc in Sociology: Local Policies and Decentralization (UC, 2008). Sandra is currently Senior Researcher at ForestWISE® and coordinates the Work Line 4: People and Policies. In the last 20 years, worked at CESAM – Centre for Environment and Marine Studies (UA), having participated in more than 20 European and national projects, published more than 20 articles in international journals and more than 100 papers in conferences and scientific events, in expertise areas linked to social perceptions of the environment and natural risks and public participation in the management of natural resources and forest management, in particular.

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Areas of interest:

Social Perceptions, Public Participation, Territorial Governance, Public Policies


Title: Mapping the life cycle co-creation process of nature-based solutions for urban climate change adaptation

Year: 2020

Authors: DeLosRios-White, M.; Roebeling, P.; Valente, S.; Vaittinen, I.

Journal: Resources


Title: Historical commons as sites of transformation. A critical research agenda to study human and more-than-human communities

Year: 2019

Authors: Nieto-Romero, M.; Valente, S.; Figueiredo, E.; Parra, C.

Journal: Geoforum


Title: How does the context and design of participatory decision-making processes affect their outcomes? Evidence from  sustainable land management in global drylands

Year: 2016

Authors: DeVente, J.; Reed, M.; Stringer, S.; Valente, S.; Newig, J.

Journal: Ecology and Society


Title: How much management is enough? Stakeholder views on forest management in fire-prone areas in central Portugal

Year: 2015

Authors: Valente, S.;  Coelho, C.; Ribeiro, C.; Liniger, H.; Schwilch, G.; Figueiredo, E.; Bachmann, F.

Journal: Forest Policy and Economics