Tintex Textiles, Citeve and Centi revive the resin sector, Jornal T

Tintex Textiles, CITEVE and CeNTI are among the 37 organizations that have joined forces to revive the resin sector. Called the RN21 Integrated Project, it was publicly presented at the premises of United Resins – Produção de Resinas, S.A, in the presence of Duarte Cordeiro, Minister for the Environment and Climate Action, and Pedro Cilínio, Secretary of State for the Economy.

This project, led by CoLAB ForestWISE – Laboratório Colaborativo para a Gestão Integrada da Floresta e do Fogo (Collaborative Laboratory for Integrated Forest and Fire Management), has the support of PRR funds and public and private investment, and brings together entities that want to reactivate the resin sector, using natural resin as a bio-based, sustainable product with a much smaller ecological footprint than fossil-based resin.

At the same time, this project revitalizes pine forests, increasing their profitability for owners, thus combating their abandonment and consequently the poor land management that leads to forest fires.

The 37 entities include universities and other R&D units that are part of this and other consortia, such as those in the textile and footwear sectors, which have also emerged with the aim of contributing to the European Green Deal.

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