Partners of the transForm Agenda woody biomass valorisation project meet to discover the biomass park management model in Penacova

On the 23rd of January, a meeting was held to present the management model of biomass parks of the City of Penacova. Integrated in the project “Regional networks for the valorisation of woody biomass”, of the transForm Agenda, the meeting was promoted by the Coimbra Region Intermunicipal Community (CIM-RC) and held at the facilities of Penacova´s Town Hall, where the main stakeholders in this activity were present, namely Altri Florestal, CBE, CIM-RC, Florecha, Forestis, INESC TEC and the CoLAB ForestWISE.

With the participation of the Councilman for the Environment, António Cardoso, the meeting aimed to present the management model of parks for biomass collection implemented in the county of Penacova. These parks have as main objective to provide a service to the population for the deposit of woody waste from the management of their green spaces, enhancing its use for energy production. The partners had the opportunity to visit two of the 13 biomass parks in the city of Penacova (Miro and Sazes do Lorvão), where it was possible to understand their operation and watch the type of waste deposited.

This project is part of the transForm Agenda which aims, among several objectives, to contribute to reducing the risk of rural fires, adding value to an initially uselless resource, encouraging the use of renewable energies for energy consumption.

Led by Altri Florestal and under the technical and scientific coordination of CoLAB ForestWISE, the transForm Agenda is the largest forestry sector consortium ever created in our country. It brings together 56 partners, including companies from the entire forestry and energy sector value chain (62%), entities from the National Scientific and Technological System (23%), Public Administration (5%) and sector and territorial associations (10%), in an unprecedented effort of sectorial cooperation in Portugal.