Wild boar population is increasing in an out-of-control way, SIC Notícias

The number of wild boars in Portugal is increasing, with higher incidence in the areas of Tras-os-Montes, Beira Interior and Alentejo, according to a study promoted by ICNF and prepared by the University of Aveiro.

The increase in the number of wild boars in the country was the motivation behind the study promoted by the Institute for Nature Conservation and Forests and prepared by the University of Aveiro. Cameras were placed in 16 pilot areas, in a total of 21 hunting zones.

“We’re facing an overpopulation of wild boar – it’s above the numbers that would be desirable. We will have to take a series of extra measures to reduce this number, given the threats that this species causes to various sectors of society,” says Carlos Fonseca, from CoLAB ForestWISE and the University of Aveiro.

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