Under the responsibility of the CTO, it is the duty of the Senior Researcher (SR):

  • To manage the ForestWISE research agenda in its thematic area;
  • To elaborate the annual and multi-year activity plans of its thematic area, with the respective budgets, for integration in the activity plans of the Association;
  • To manage rigorously and efficiently all the resources related to the projects under his coordination;
  • To identify opportunities and to develop all initiatives aimed at achieving projects that ensure the financial viability of the Association;
  • To lead work teams engaged in all the projects under development in its thematic area;
  • To ensure the normal operation of the ForestWISE information and communication system;
  • To coordinate and to assess the performance of the different teams of researchers under their coordination;
  • To promote the intercooperation with other thematic areas of ForestWISE;
  • To support the preparation of application files under national and international competitive tenders.