Given its genesis, the CoLAB responds to the encompassing challenges and opportunities identified by the major stakeholders of the forest sector including the related to the prevention and suppression of rural fires. Thus, ForestWISE stakeholders had an essential role in the definition of the I&D&I Agenda, and they will be a key-factor for disseminating the ForestWISE research results.

Public entities:

  • ANEPC, National Authority for Emergency and Civil Protection
  • GNR, Republican National Guard
  • Grupo IP, Infrastructures of Portugal
  • ICNF, Institute for Conservation of Nature and Forestry
  • IPMA, Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere

National organizations:

  • AIFF, Association for the Competitiveness of the Forest Row Industry
  • APEB, Association of Biomass Energy Producers
  • BALADI, National Federation of the Wastelands
  • Centro PINUS, Association for the Valorization of the Pine Forest
  • Forestis, Portuguese Forestry Association
  • Montis, Nature Conservation Association
  • UNAC, Union of the Mediterranean Forest

Regional organizations:

  • ADRITEM, Integrated Regional Development Association of the Land of Santa Maria
  • CIM Alto Minho, Intermunicipal Community of Alto Minho
  • CIM RC, Intermunicipal Community of the Region of Coimbra

Other organizations:

  • AFOCELCA, Professional forest firefighting private company
  • ENB, National School of Firefighters