ForestWISE internal rules on issuing letters of support or recommendation or expression of interest for research projects or others, in the application phase

Given its nature of cogeneration and technology and scientific knowledge transfer, ForestWISE, in principle, positions itself as a partner of research projects relevant to the realization of its R&D&I Agenda ( In cases where there are other entities from the National Scientific and Technological System involved in the production of scientific knowledge, ForestWISE can focus on project management and/or on the validation and dissemination of project results among its members and society in general.

ForestWISE can also provide support to associates involved in research project applications, whenever requested.

As a general rule, ForestWISE will not issue letters of support/recommendation or expression of interest to applications that compete with the interests known at the date of ForestWISE itself or its associates.

Exceptions to this rule may be situations of strategic interest, framed in the R&D&I Agenda, in which ForestWISE is not an eligible entity nor liable to be subcontracted by one of the consortium members, nor compete with associates.

These exceptional cases require that a request be sent to the ForestWISE CTO (Carlos Fonseca – at least 15 days in advance of the expected response time, following the available template. This request will be subject to an internal analysis of the technical and scientific merit of the application and the contribution to the ForestWISE mission and Agenda, followed by specific deliberation and notification.

The template for the Letter of Support request can be downloaded here